'Feelin' Good' is a heady brew of jazz,blues,pop,African,Bulgarian,spirituals and sheer joyous singing!

1 Freedom Freedom SAMPLE

2 Zungo

3 Ancestors' Breath

4 Honeysuckle Rose
Honeysuckle SAMPLE

5 Polegnala
Polegnala SAMPLE

6 We Are One

7 Stand By Me

8 Your Children
Children SAMPLE

9 Wild Women

10 Singabahamba yo Thina
Singaba SAMPLE

11 Feelin' Good
Feelin' SAMPLE

12 Java Jive
Java Jive SAMPLE

13 All Of Me

14 Soon I Will Be Done
Soon I Will SAMPLE

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Full details:-

1.Freedom 3:39
Trad African arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
2.Zungo 3:23
Nina Simone arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
3.Ancestors' Breath 3:08
Sweet Honey in the Rock
4.Honeysuckle Rose 2:45
Fats Waller/Andy Razaf arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
5.Polegnala 3:05
Trad. Bulgaria
6.We Are One 3:19
Sweet Honey in the Rock
7.Stand By Me 3:04
Ben E. King arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
8.Your Children 2:25
Sweet Honey in the Rock,lyrics by Kahlil Gibran
9.Wild Women 3:27
Ida Cox,arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
10.Singabahamba yo Thina 1:57
Trad. South African
11.Feelin' Good 4:03
Bricuse/Newley arr. Lisa Otter-Barry/Dave King/Jilly Jarman
12.Java Jive 2:50
The Inkspots arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
13.All Of Me 2:20
Simons/Marks arr. Dave King
14.Soon I Will Be Done 3:31
Trad Spiritual arr. Emma Harris