Akabella's second CD, 'Mêlée', is a glorious celebration of songs old and new, calm and riotous, exultant and tranquil, from around the world


1 Intro (Mêlée)

2 Sometime
Sometime SAMPLE

3 Night and Day

4 Akanamandla

5 Tebye Payom

6 Deep River

7 Perapto Galazio Kima
Perapto SAMPLE

8 Moanin'/Serenade to a Cuckoo
Moanin' SAMPLE

9 Fionnghuala
Fionnghuala SAMPLE

10 Moon River

11 Veche Ryai Rado

12 Pennies from Heaven

13 Higher and Higher

14 Marie Josée (Mêlée)
Marie Josée SAMPLE

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Full details:-

1.Intro (Mêlée) 1.00
Zap Mama arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
2.Sometime 5.18
Bernice Johnson Reagon
3.Night and Day 3.49
Cole Porter arr. Dave King
4.Akanamandla 2.22
Trad. South African
5.Tebye Payom 2.49
Dmitri Bortniansky
6.Deep River 3.20
Trad. Spiritual arr. Brian Trant
7.Perapto Galazio Kima 3.07
Theodorakis arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
8.Moanin'/Serenade to a Cuckoo 3.45
Bobby Timmons/Roland Kirk arr. with new lyrics by Dave King
9.Fionnghuala 1.30
Trad. Celtic arr. Bothy Band
10.Moon River 1.54
Henry Mancini arr. Terence Greaves
11.Veche Ryai Rado 2.25
Trad. Bulgarian arr. Philip Koutev
12.Pennies from Heaven 4.27
Burke,Johnston arr. Dave King
13.Higher and Higher 3.09
Smith,Jackson,Milner arr. Lisa Otter-Barry
14.Marie Josée (Mêlée) 2.30
Zap Mama arr.Lisa Otter-Barry